Eye Care Service

What We Do

The Community Eye Care Service works with NHS patients in the north Derbyshire area.

We provide a specialist optometry service to help you get the expert advice you need, when you need it.

The information on this page is primarily aimed at people who have already been referred to us by their optician.

If you think you could benefit from our service, your first step should be to book an appointment with a local optician of your choosing. If they determine that our service is suitable for you, they will be able to initiate the referral.

How Does It Work?

One of our optometrists will review the details sent by your optician.

They may immediately determine that you require hospital treatment. In this case, they will make contact on your behalf to ensure you are seen as quickly as possible.

If they think that we offer the appropriate level of service (which is the case around 80%-90% of the time) they will book you in with us. Your appointment will generally be just 2 to 3 days after your referral, subject to your availability.

Your appointment will last for up to 40 minutes. Your sight will be assessed by one of our experienced optometrists, using precision equipment.

The results of the assessment will be explained to you in detail.. You will have plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions.

For the majority of service users, this appointment will be all they need; no follow-up will be required. If any further steps are necessary, they will be planned out and agreed upon at the time.

After you leave, the optometrist will write up the consultation and send copies to both your optician and your GP, ensuring perfect continuity of service.

The Eye Care Clinic Team

Our clinic is staffed by three highly experienced optometrists, who together represent a wealth of eye care knowledge.

Ian Freeston

Ian Freeston (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology 1980). After qualifying, Ian entered private practice in a small group in London, initially working in the University of London student’s union. In 1983 Ian moved to Sheffield, and ultimately became co-owner of two practices. Alongside standard practice work, Ian works alongside orthoptists in a monthly pre-school screening clinic in Alfreton.

Rachel Pointon

Rachel qualified as an Optometrist in 1999 (Aston University, Birmingham) and after a clinical placement in Hereford moved to Sheffield in 2001. As well as working for the Community Eyecare Team Rachel works in a specialist contact lens practice in Sheffield and for The College of Optometrists examining graduates for their professional qualifications regionally and in London. Outside of clinical work she leads graduate and professional training and development for a number of optical providers. Over the past 8 years she has continued her professional development with additional qualifications in Low Vision, Clinical Optometry and Medical Retina and is due to complete further qualifications in Glaucoma at Cardiff University.

Rachel Pointon

Iftab Akram

Iftab Akram has nearly 20 years of experience in Optics. He has worked in a variety of general practices in primary care and over the past 7 years has worked largely for secondary. Previously he has worked in paediatric and contact lens clinics. His current work with a large NHS hospital trust involves clinics in Glaucoma, Macula/Medical Retina and Laser. He holds an independent prescriber qualification and is nearing completion of the Glaucoma diploma qualification. He has had posts with the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and as a clinic supervisor at the University of Bradford.

Iftab Akram