Angina Management Programme

The Angina Management Programme is an NHS service for people with angina who live in Derbyshire.

The programme aims to provide personalised information and advice about your heart condition to help to improve your symptoms and quality of life. Most of the people who have been on the programme report an improvement.

The Angina Management Programme can help to:

  • Reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms of angina.
  • Reduce the need for admissions to hospital, medications and interventions.
  • Increase understanding of what is happening during an episode of angina.
  • Reduce worry and anxiety about angina.
  • Increase your confidence to safely manage your own symptoms.
  • Equip you with strategies to get back to doing the things you want to do.
  • Enable you to be in control of making informed decisions about your treatment options.

People who may particularly benefit include those who:

  • Are getting frequent symptoms despite treatment.
  • Need repeat admissions or emergency care because of their angina.
  • Find their quality of life is badly affected by angina.
  • Are frightened, anxious or worried by their angina.
  • Would like to know more about what is causing their symptoms and how to manage them.
  • Are considering whether a stent or bypass purely to improve symptom control is the right thing for them.

If you have angina and would like to participate in the programme, your GP or cardiologist can arrange a referral.

How does it work?

Following a referral, you will be offered an initial appointment with two clinicians specialising in angina. We allow up to two hours for this, to give us the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, test results and management options in detail. We provide understandable explanations about what is happening in angina and how you can improve your symptoms and quality of life. We encourage you to bring along a family member, friend or carer if you wish.

There is then the opportunity to attend further sessions, which revisit the information provided at the initial appointment and look in detail about simple techniques and strategies you can use to manage your symptoms and put you back in control.

Session by session

The first session looks at what is happening in angina and explores some common myths and misconceptions. It also covers the important key differences between an episode of angina and a heart attack. We reinforce the key message that angina episodes cause no damage to the heart and are in fact a sign that your heart is protecting itself. We review why it is that you experience pain during an angina episode and the many factors that can affect how bad this feels.

The following three sessions build on this information, focussing on strategies to improve symptom control including use of relaxation and the importance of exercise and diet in angina management. We look at treatment options, including medication, and the role of stents and bypasses. We consider the pros and cons of these options and how to weigh these up to make the right decision about what treatments are best for you.

After the programme, you will be offered a follow up appointment and a group review session to remind you of the key messages from the programme. Additional reviews can be arranged as required.

The Angina Management Team

Dr Clare Hawley (MB ChB, MRCGP, PG dip Cardiology, PGCME). Clare qualified from Sheffield university in 1986 and has been the clinical lead for the Angina Management Programme since it started in 2008. She also works as Associate Specialist in cardiology at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Dr PJ Flann (MB ChB DRCOG MRCGP) Having qualified from Sheffield university in 1994 PJ is now a GP partner at Inspire Health. He has an interest in cardiology and joined the Angina Management Programme in 2011.

What Our Patients Say

Over 90% of our patients report that they found the programme helpful and that their symptoms and quality of life have improved. Here are some examples of previous participant’s feedback:

“My angina episodes have been much less frequent, with no severe episodes, since the end of the course”

“I’m back to dancing and planning to book a holiday”

“I had a couple of bad episodes and considered calling an ambulance, but by doing my relaxation techniques, I managed at home and my angina went away”

“I’ve lost weight and my quality of life has improved from 50% to 95%”

“It has been very helpful to listen to others who have experienced angina and also to have my partner with me to help absorb the information”

“My fear of angina has been taken away by understanding it better”

“I liked the friendly atmosphere with the rest of the group and the way the sessions were presented”

“I’ve been able to work on my allotment without any problem and I’m following a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise”

“I’m a lot less anxious when I get angina because I feel more in control”

“Since coming on the course, I haven’t had to call out the paramedics and I’ve avoided hospital admission”

“I liked learning about my angina and the drugs I’m taking. I’m hoping to be able to reduce my medication”

Contact Us

General enquiries can be directed to Arc Primary Care via our usual contact methods. Please be aware however, that this is not a self-referral service.

If you think you may require a referral please contact your GP and ask to be referred to this service.