Lipid Management Clinic

The NHS Long Term Plan has identified cardiovascular disease as the biggest area where the NHS can save lives over the next 10 years. Arc Primary Care / Chesterfield and Dronfield Primary Care Network, with support from East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) has established an exciting, innovative project to help support our patients lower their cholesterol levels and reduce their cardiovascular risks.
Cholesterol is a fatty substance found within the blood. Whilst cholesterol is essential for normal bodily functions, if there is too much cholesterol it can put you at risk of heart disease such as heart attacks or strokes. In some rarer cases, cholesterol is raised due to a genetic condition called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH).

How does it work?

The lipid management clinic will identify patients from across the Primary Care Network whose cholesterol levels could be optimised further. Your GP may also refer you to the clinic.
If you are invited to the clinic you may require a blood test as well as some initial assessments including blood pressure, pulse, weight. This will be organised in advance of your consultation with a pharmacist. Appointments will be undertaken either in person or over the telephone depending on your preference. Your cholesterol levels will be explained, and you will be given advice on how to lower your cholesterol with medication and lifestyle modifications. You will have plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions.
Cholesterol lowering treatments may be started, or medication you are currently taking may be amended depending on your previous medical history and cholesterol levels. You will receive on-going support from the clinic until your cholesterol levels are under control. In some cases, if cholesterol levels are not able to be reduced whilst you are under the care of the clinic you may be referred to a specialist.

The Lipid Management Team

Our clinic is staffed by various healthcare professionals:
Dr PJ Flann (Clinical Director Chesterfield & Dronfield PCN)
Dr Clare Hawley (Specialist Cardiologist)
Sally Manning (Lipid Clinic Lead Clinical Pharmacist)
Lucy Davies (Clinical pharmacist)
Nurse Associate