About Us

Who are Primary Care

Arc Primary Care is the umbrella organisation of the Primary Care Network in Chesterfield. The organisation was originally formed in 2009 as Chesterfield Health Provider Ltd which was established with the sole aim of providing some services within the community but it expanded to host the GP collaboration in 2017. Arc Primary Care is an alliance of GP practices.

Our members consist of 10 GP practices which cover a population of over 102,000 patients. At Arc we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of General Practice (and the time honoured valued of list-based general practice model) and realising the benefits of working together.

Our mission: To be an organisation that provides outstanding primary care services

Arc Primary Care still trades under the name of Chesterfield Health Provider Ltd and is a Company Limited by shares, with its member practices being equal shareholders. The company is managed by a board with 6 directors.

The day to day running of the company is through a management team, based at Dunston Innovation Centre. Find out more about the Team here

What is a primary care network?

As healthcare changes and patient needs change GP Practices have been able to respond to this by working closer together. Typically, this has been done in loose networks or more formal arrangements with increasingly binding agreements between practices. In some parts of the country ‘Super Partnerships’ have been created holding a single contract. Chesterfield’s practices decided to form a GP Collaboration which has now become their Primary Care Network.

When a practice is a member of a network, they continue to exist independently and to retain the personalised feel of their practice, but their membership allows them to operate collaboratively with other practices in their locality. This approach provides opportunities for economies of scale along with access to funding not available to individual practices. Practices, therefore, have more opportunities to access resources and to improve and continue to deliver high-quality care to their patient communities.

What does Arc Primary Care do?

We aim to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the changing needs of the practices. You can find information about some of the services we offer and workstreams we are working on here.